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(*) The price is calculated in accordance with the basic configuration indicated below
Basic equipment

Designation of the works and materials which are part of base configuration

1. Reference design.

2. Erection of the wall of the building structure with cutting of cups and offsets.

3. Anchorage and waterproofing (damp-course) of the lower log of the wall of the building structure (Anchor bolts, ruberoid ).

4. Preservative treatment of cups (locks) and offsets of the wall beam (Wood preservative Powder).

5. Heat insulation of wall constructionsа (basalt continuous fibre).

6. Accessory mounting of the wall beam in the walls with beech dowels, timber dogs.

7. Cutting the apertures of door and window.

8. Canal laying for electric cabels in the walls, in accordance with electrification diagram .

9. Erection of wooden beams of inter-floor constraction the building structure.

10. Erection of rafters and roof battens (beam 75х150 мм, board 30х50 мм).

11. Erection of staircases.

12. Demolition and loading works.



(**) It is possible to perform work on additional equipment:



1. Roof of the wooden house in accordance with the agreed equipment.

2. Installation of wooden floors.

3. Windows and doors of wooden houses.

4. Ceilings, wooden (lining, board)

5. Grinding paints and finishing works in a wooden house.

6. Guarantee maintenance and control of sediment in a wooden house.