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Houses made of glued beams are a high-tech material and the wisdom of many generations

Today, the construction of wooden houses is gaining great popularity and is experiencing a stage of revival. Millions of families around the world choose safety, environmental friendliness and a comfortable life, instead of the usual gray concrete and heavy structures.

If you want to live in a strong, reliable house, love warmth and care about the health of your family and friends, a house made of glued beams is your ideal choice.

Multi-layer power or what is a glued beam?

Glued timber is a multi-component building material consisting of several thin layers of wood (lamellas) glued together.

Carrying out construction from glued beams, the Hata-Zrub company uses only high-altitude species of coniferous trees from ecologically clean forests of the Carpathians and Transcarpathia:

  • European larch;
  • Scots pine;
  • Transcarpathian spruce (spruce);
  • White fir (rarely).
  • Some features of the construction of a house made of glued beams from Khata-Zrub

Glued timber is one of the most promising materials for the construction of wooden houses. Due to their uniqueness and multifunctionality, the buildings have higher technical and operational characteristics compared to other wooden analogues.

Density of joints. Houses made of glued beams retain heat well not only because of the low thermal conductivity of wood. Thanks to the locking connection (groove/ridge) between the beams, the structure has an even abutment along the entire length, so there is no need to seal the seams, which cannot be avoided in other types of wooden structures. The high density between the parts keeps the heat inside, and also prevents frostbite and drafts. Constructive diversity. There are no restrictions on architectural complexity for glued beams. The production of various non-standard forms of timber allows you to use this material in construction:

  • arches;
  • long flights;
  • domes of churches;
  • non-standard complex designs.

These possibilities of the material open up unlimited horizons for fresh, innovative and daring ideas for building with glulam.

No fungus, no moisture, no fire. The production of the material involves the use of adhesive mixtures/varnishes and impregnations. They include various additives with flame retardant (anti-ignition), bioprotection (prevents the appearance of insects, mold, fungus) and water-repellent (moisture/water repellency) components. The use of glues and additives is strictly regulated according to quality and environmental criteria. Yes, the Khata-Zrub company uses safe (non-toxic and harmful) adhesive mixtures, according to European environmental standards (E1-3).

Durability, reliability and quality of the material. During the production of glued beams, each part (lamella) undergoes a quality check, and in case of non-compliance, it is rejected by graders (control specialists). Before gluing, the wood is thoroughly dried (the moisture content of the material is 10–12%). This level of wood moisture, during further use, prevents the timber from drying out, deforming and shrinking. The strength of glued beams allows the construction of structures using wood as a load-bearing part, which are subjected to various heavy loads.

  1. Advantages of a house made of glued beams
  2. Each technology of building wooden houses has a number of advantages compared to other techniques.
  3. The advantages of a house made of glued beams are:
  4. High resistance to temperature instability and weather conditions;
  5. The buildings have excellent thermal insulation characteristics;
  6. The durability of the structure is about 100 years;
  7. Does not require finishing facade and interior works;
  8. The beauty of wood and perfect symmetry of form;
  9. The level of environmental friendliness of the material is 100%;
  10. Quick construction of a wooden house;

Reliability of the structure (high bearing capacity, seismic resistance of 7 points);
A special comfortable microclimate that regulates the house itself;
Architectural freedom without restrictions.
Hata-Zrub – only high-quality construction from glued beams

For more than 15 years, the company has successfully maintained leadership in Ukraine and beyond. A large staff of qualified employees and coordinated work of the head office enable the Khata-Zrub team to conduct construction in several parts of Europe at the same time. Every step, starting from the production of material (own logging and woodworking enterprises) and ending with the design of the interior of the premises, is controlled by the company all the time.

Ordering a wooden house construction project.

With the Hata-Zrub company, you will be able to develop a construction project of a wooden house of any level of complexity. Thanks to the skill of the company’s design engineers, the customer will receive a project with a convenient, thoughtful and modern layout. We offer to your attention:

development of an individual project for the construction of a wooden house;
development of a typical project for the construction of wooden houses;
correction and improvement of the finished (designed by the customer) wooden house construction project.

Turnkey construction of glued beams. Save your own nervous resources and precious time, which is so lacking! You can order the construction of a wooden building



Churches, Temples, Chapels

Country houses

Hotel complexes

House for living

Houses for guests

Recreation centers


Tourist complexes


The beauty of forms and the natural purity of the material are combined in this technology. A house made of cylindrical timber will be a good choice for both permanent residence and seasonal (vacation). Life in it is always filled with good mood, health and strength of coniferous forests.

The construction of wooden houses is the art of supplementing nature with age-old wisdom in the construction of a reliable and cozy home.