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Log diameter 220mm - 280mm

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Building a wild log cabin - extravagance and "wild style" of your home.

The originality and extraordinary style of such housing will remind you of the age-old traditions of building wooden houses, while at the same time evoking a feeling of freedom and unity with nature. The tradition of such execution of housing dates back to ancient times, when people did not yet have woodworking lines, mechanized tools and specialized tools. This method has reached our time and is very popular among people who appreciate real, untouched and “wild” beauty.

Aesthetics and appearance of wooden houses

Appearance is one of the highlights of a wild log cabin. Every square millimeter of such housing reminds us of the ancient traditions and art of building wooden houses. It is enough just to look into such a house, as you will move several centuries back, into the past. Strong relief walls, flawless texture of wood, its color and light aroma of coniferous species will be relevant at all times. The extraordinary log cabin and natural look is a good idea to start:

  • construction of a hunting lodge;
  • construction of a country cottage;
  • construction of a wooden bath or sauna;
  • construction of a country house;
  • construction of a wooden private house.

Residential buildings are not the apogee for the use of wild timber. It will look quite harmonious, for example: a hut hotel, a souvenir shop or a forestry building.

What wood do we use?

In order to avoid damage to the wood by mold/fungus/pests, the material is harvested only on frosty days, usually in November-December. During this period, the trees are in seasonal anabiosis, which is humane and preserves their natural energy. In winter, the wood dries evenly, preventing deformation of the trunk and cracking of the structure.

The construction of a wild log cabin should be done with only the best and safest materials. Therefore, our company has its own logging and woodworking enterprises, which are located in the most ecological places of Ukraine – in Transcarpathian forests (for example, Mezhyhirya).

The following breeds are considered the best for building a wild log cabin:

  • Transcarpathian spruce;
  • Scots pine;
  • European larch.

The use of conifers is due to the high content of resins in the wood. In addition to pleasant aromatic properties, resin is an excellent antiseptic that additionally protects the house from the formation of mold, fungus and the breeding of certain types of insects.

Advantages of building a wild log cabin with the masters of Hata-Zrub

Wooden houses have many advantages and features inherent only to this type of construction.

  1. A special natural style. The natural beauty and power of the Carpathians will always delight your eyes and delight your guests. The exclusive relief of every detail of the house is a unique handiwork of the master (hand tess).
  2. A warm house. Wood is the best natural thermal insulation material. In order for the house to have the highest energy-efficient characteristics, hewn beams are fitted as closely as possible to each other, carefully sealing the seam and corners of the buildings, assessing the quality with a thermal imager. Such houses are easy to heat, so a minimum amount of money is spent on housing maintenance.
  3. High level of security. Every detail of the house will be treated with a mixture of fire retardants and antifungal solutions. Taking care of the health of each client, the company has implemented a thorough quality control of fire bioprotection. Yes, all products have quality certificates and exclude the content of harmful substances.
  4. Environmental friendliness and comfort of housing. Only high-altitude wood can be 100% safe and ecological, and the special microclimate of a wild log cabin will provide maximum living comfort.
  5. Fast construction. In just 30 days, the Hata-Zrub company will build a wild log cabin of any complexity. Thanks to a large staff of workers, construction can be carried out simultaneously on several sites, so the same amount of time is spent on the construction of a cottage town or complex.

Features of technology or tradition that have passed through the centuries

The Hata-Zrub company appreciates and preserves the true traditions of building houses in a “wild” way. So, as many centuries ago, harvesting and felling of wood is done without the use of a machine cut. The master selects the best trees that meet the required dimensions and geometry. Each tree is felled by hand using only tools authentic to the past.

After felling, the trunk is cleaned of bark, branches and polished. In contrast to the construction of wooden houses from rounded timber, during processing, only the top layer of wood is removed, leaving the sapwood that protects the rock. Each tree, as an integral part of the house, is an exclusive work of art.

Despite the large expenditure of time and effort in the production of the material, the diameter of the processed trunk can reach 50 cm.

The craftsman carefully selects each element, alternating the comel and the top of the tree. In this way, you can achieve consistency in the construction of a wild log and the equality of the walls. If desired, the deck is released. In order to avoid drafts and achieve structural tightness, all gaps are covered with sheepskin, tow, felt, and similar material. For real connoisseurs of nature, you can use moss, that’s how it was done many centuries ago.



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Country houses

Hotel complexes

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Recreation centers


Tourist complexes


The beauty of forms and the natural purity of the material are combined in this technology. A house made of cylindrical timber will be a good choice for both permanent residence and seasonal (vacation). Life in it is always filled with good mood, health and strength of coniferous forests.

The construction of wooden houses is the art of supplementing nature with age-old wisdom in the construction of a reliable and cozy home.