Construction of wooden frame houses


We work throughout the territory of Ukraine, as well as export throughout Europe.

Price from 220$ m.sq

Wall width 220мм - 280мм

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Construction of frame houses - warmth and safety at an affordable price

Construction by the frame method has a centuries-old history. It is enough to mention the half-timbered houses of Old Germany, built in the 14th century, which are still in use today. However, few people know that the classic Ukrainian mud-brick houses (to a lesser extent “mazanky”) of the 19th and 20th centuries are also a frame technology. At that time, clay mixed with straw or reeds (adobe) was used as insulation, the frame was made of low-quality material, without wood processing and modern methods, high-precision calculations, tools, and capabilities.

Construction of frame houses in Ukraine and the world

Even 10-15 years ago, few people knew about the construction of frame houses. Instead, all of Europe, the USA, Canada and Scandinavian countries have been using this construction method for hundreds of years, improving it from generation to generation. Approximately 80% of the construction of the private sector in the above-mentioned places is occupied by frame houses.

Today, the prevalence of this method is increasing every year. One of the reasons for its popularity is that a frame house is easy to heat, and in the era of energy conservation and expensive utility rates, this is more relevant than ever.

What is frame technology from Khata-Zrub?

It is a modern, ecological, high-quality housing, with low energy consumption and low construction cost. The construction of a frame house includes the experience of building wooden houses, the use of modern materials and rethinking the concepts of thermal insulation of the house.

Frame technology opens up new architectural horizons for the construction of any structure:

  • private house;
  • cottage;
  • townhouse;
  • garage/shed/hangar;
  • bathhouse/sauna;
  • shop;
  • shopping complex;
  • hotel;
  • administrative building;
  • school;
  • church/temple

What is interesting in the construction of frame houses is that the structures stand firmly on “problem” soils that do not have a solid surface layer. Due to its low weight, pile-screw type (rarely columnar or monolithic-strip) foundations are chosen for the foundation, which can withstand even the effects of severe frost heaving of the soil.

What are the advantages of building frame houses from Huta-Zrub

Frame technology has many advantages compared to other modern construction methods. Let’s name the most compelling arguments for building a frame house.

Energy efficient houses.

High thermal insulation qualities of mineral wool and wooden frame protect the house from frosty winter and hot summer sun. To heat the house, a minimum of energy resources is spent, which significantly reduces the overall budget due to the purchase of a low-power heating system.

Ecological material.

The construction of a frame house involves the use of two main materials:

wood (beam, edged board). All lumber is made from ecologically clean Carpathian wood. Logging and woodworking enterprises are located in Zakarpattia Oblast (Mezhihirya).
mineral wool (stone/basalt). Mineral wool is a melt of rocks of natural origin.

Safety above all else. All wood is treated with fire bioprotection. This mixture protects the house from the possibility of the material catching fire and prevents the formation of mold, fungus, and the appearance of insects. All products are certified and meet European eco-standards.

Mineral wool, which is used as insulation, in filling walls, floor coverings, floor insulation, is completely non-combustible (combustibility class NG).

The Khata-Zrub company does not use extruded polystyrene foam, foam plastic or polyurethane foam!!! This is harmful and dangerous!

Long service life. The service life of frame houses is about 100 years. This term is rather conventional, since there are many frame buildings of Old Europe, built many centuries ago. Taking into account modern material manufacturing technologies and construction possibilities, the construction of frame houses today has every chance to beat the records of its predecessors.

Very fast construction. The Khata-Zrub company will build a frame house in a short period of time (about 10 days). None of the construction techniques will be able to show better results of construction speed.

Frame technology – let’s draw conclusions!

The construction of a frame house, thanks to its versatility, will satisfy the requirements of any wallet. Such a home will always be warm and comfortable, utility bills are low, and the price of building a frame house is quite affordable.

Time to think, act!



Churches, Temples, Chapels

Country houses

Hotel complexes

Houses for guests

House for living

Recreation centers


Tourist complexes


The beauty of forms and the natural purity of the material are combined in this technology. A house made of cylindrical timber will be a good choice for both permanent residence and seasonal (vacation). Life in it is always filled with good mood, health and strength of coniferous forests.

The construction of wooden houses is the art of supplementing nature with age-old wisdom in the construction of a reliable and cozy home.