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The construction of wooden houses

Round bar

Price: from 220$ sqr.m.

Wild logs

Price: from 240$ sqr.m.

Glued profiled beams

Price: from 270$ sqr.m.

Frame houseи

Price: from 200$ sqr.m.
The oldest method of construction of wooden houses - felling of chopped logs with an ax. It is purified from the bark of the trunks of round shape with cut out grooves and elements of locks to connect with other logs. Wall of any carcass is composed of longitudinally arranged on each other logs. Each of the series is called "crown". As a heat insulator in such constructions are traditionally used moss, tow or jute: natural sealant are placed between the logs.

Natural wood is an excellent heat insulator, whose effectiveness is many times higher brick, concrete, etc. Accordingly, the wooden house is megaeffektivnym in terms of energy savings that can substantially reduce heating costs during operation.

We use wood harvested from their own mills in the Carpathians in Mezhgore (one of the few environmentally clean regions of Ukraine) and prepares it only in winter - in time to achieve the best conditioned timber characteristics (concentration and preservation of "the tree of life forces that occur during the winter time, the wood gives an extremely high strength, density and durability).

When manufacturing houses, our company prefers technology hewn log buildings, as well as timber, processed by hand-harvesting technology crack less. External resin rich layer that protects the wood from exposure to adverse environmental factors.

One of several of our construction crews had an internship in the famous Finnish company Honka in Moscow. For 8 years we have built homes in Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia, Astra, Hortavii, Greece.

The tree has excellent construction and technical properties, closely linked with the "simple" values regarding quality of life. In the house made of logs man comfortable lives and easy to breathe. The beautiful, light wood has a positive effect on mood. Wooden houses - a house, fit well with the nature, the dreams of many people throughout the world, perhaps you did.

People who prefer to live in wooden houses, argue that the tree, though cut down, brings to life an indescribable feeling of closeness with nature, it continues to breathe and gives warmth. And in fact, such houses - a unique natural conditioner. The walls of the wooden structure of breathable, and give air to 30 percent, even indoors. Among the unique properties have also vlagoreguliruyuschie that contribute to optimal microclimate for both winter and summer.

Advantages of such houses are evident:

- Very quickly built

- Environmentally-friendly house

- The warmest of all types of houses

- LLife

- Economical to maintain

- Thickness of the processed logs or what not limited