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Prices for the construction of wooden houses

Calculator. Hata-Srub


Material of the wall construction of the house Price for м2
calculation of area of the house
1. Frame technology
Frame technology
Стена 150-200мм 200-220$
2. Cylindrical bar - "cylinder"
Cylindrical bar - "cylinder"
Стена 200;220мм 220-230$
Стена 240;260мм 240-250$
3. Wild log - "savage"
Wild log - "savage"
Стена 250-300мм 240-250$
Стена 300-400мм 270-280$
Стена 400-500мм 300-330$
4. Maple profiled bar
Maple profiled bar
Стена 100;120мм 270-280$
Стена 140;160мм 280-330$
Стена 180;200мм 330-380$
Стена 220;240мм 380-450$

The name of the works and materials to be performed

1. Draft project.

2. Installation of wooden wall structures with slaughter of cups and landings.

3. Anchorage and waterproofing of the bottom deck wall construction of a wooden house.

4. Treatment with antiseptic, preservation of cups (locks) and gutters of the wall beam.

5. Warming up the wall structures of a wooden house (natural patch or mineral wool).

6. An additional fixing of the beam in the walls with beech nuggets and staples.

7. Cutting of window and door openings according to preliminary sizes.

8. Laying communication channels in the walls under electric cables according to the electrification scheme.

9. Installation of wooden beams of the inter-floor covering of a wooden house.

10. Set of rafters and lathes under the roof.

11. Dismantling and loading work.

By agreement, additional work may be performed:
roofing, installation of steps, installation of the floor, installation of the ceiling, painting and grinding work, etc.

The price of a house with an area of less than 50 m 2 is determined by another scheme. It is possible execution of work on additional equipment. At the same time, we can build up to 10 houses in different regions.